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Fashion Art SS 2019

Lookbook 2019

The new Fashion Art Collection SS2019 is undoubtedly our tribute to artistry. We have found the genuine inspiration in the constant love for art, traditional techniques and handmade crafts.

Classic in cut, but avant-garde in the cut blouses are the staple of the whole collection. You should pay your attention to the beautiful details and the precision of tailoring. You will find in our recent designs elegant trousers that highlights the feminine silhouette and dresses perfectly tailored for summer outings. We do not forget about smart and casual jackets that are sincerely loved by ML’s customers. The collection is dominated by a natural, ’dirty’ palette of colours: beiges, off-whites, ivory mixed with contrasting black.

The raw beauty & refined and subtle style, so appreciated by our Clients, are reflected in Fashion Art SS2019. We dedicate the collection to women who value classics, elegance and a timeless style.

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